Friday, August 20, 2010

champagne roses

champagne roses- i had them in my wedding bouquet nearly 15 years ago. the colour is so soft and romantic. i have always been a lover of roses, no matter what the colour, but champagne roses would have to be my favourite.
i must admit, if i do buy myself some flowers (or if my lovely hubby surprises me) it's always lillies- preferably white ones. i get almost 2 weeks out of a bunch and the perfume is just gorgeous. they make themselves so worth the money!
anyway, back to the roses....
my mother-in-law surprised me with the bunch pictured in 2004 when i had a week's stay in hospital- and it was only 2 weeks before Christmas. NOT where i wanted to be! and what a pick-me-up they were! we all know how sterile and unfriendly a hospital room feels, so a bunch of your fav flowers does wonders.
and then there's the name champagne roses. now, i just love an icy glass of bubbles! i'm happy to celebrate any occasion with a glass at anytime! even if it is the fact that i've made it through to friday!
have a great weekend :)
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