Friday, July 30, 2010

pretty bags all in a row

in just over a week, my baby will be turning 12. she has been counting down the days for about the last 6 months! she decided on a bowling party that she'll have with 5 friends and little sis.

party bags have become a very important part of the birthday preparations over the years, and i must say it's kinda my fault! i love working around a theme or colour, and making them almost like a gift for the party attenders. this year, Emily and i decided to actually make the bags ourselves. so out came the sewing machine and girly fabrics and away we went. both Emily and Kacey chose the fabric for theirs bags, and then fabric was carefully selected for each friend. they have been stuffed with a few goodies, and Em made little name tags using some of my Cath Kidston sticky labels. we are quite proud of our efforts!

i have also popped a pic in of my gorgeous ones from Dec 2009. this was taken in Sydney by my talented brother while out on his boat. my next project is to collate a few of these natural shots (in black and white) and display them in an old chippy window frame. i'll let you know how it turns out :)
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