Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"the smallest walk in robe in the world" makeover

extremely unglamorous blog post ahead!!!
don't be fooled by the 1st pic, i just had to start this post with something pretty!!

welcome to my walk in robe.
actually, the smallest one in the world.
come on in :)
(oh and don't mind the 18 yr old beyond had it carpet!)
we had manged to cram SO much stuff in here.
i was quite impressed with myself when we pulled it all out.
i could have filled a small truck lol!
so, here it is in all it's messy crammed glory.
part of me can't believe i'm doing a post on this, but hey, this is real life!
i love sharing what i get up to with you, as well as creating an online type
journal to look back on.
so here goes.

it got to the stage where it was too hard to keep tidy.
the top shelf was so deep, it shadowed the clothing below making it difficult to see.
we store everything from clothes and shoes in here,
to Christmas presents, luggage, bedding and light bulbs.
and the crappy little mirror just wasn't cutting it!
step one.
hit up IKEA for as many white timber coat hangers as i can carry.
(this wasn't enough, so i got more yesterday :))
step two.
smash out shelves with a hammer, rip out gross carpet and
pull up timber and concrete nails.
step three.
concrete nails leave holes behind, so fill holes and
plaster walls.
step four.
find alternative clothing storage in family room.
cram what's left into both daughter's cupboards leaving them very
step five.
choose a storage system that doesn't break the bank.
a quote from Howard's Storage took my breath away.
Ikea was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than that.
but, the best price was found at Bunnings.
a system called CLEVER CLOSET.
and it's ALL WHITE!! (big smiles from me)
oh and a $5 tub of mistint paint in a really nice colour
also found it's way home with me)
step six.
install it yourself.
well, get your husband to while you sit back and watch
from the bed with a glass of wine.
step seven.
hang clothes temporarily to make sure you leave the right amount
of space between shelves.

step eight.
foof and potter getting everything back in.

ok, let me invite you in to my newly finished walk in robe!!
break down of costs.
*Clever Closet system: just over $400.
*walls painted in Dulux Antique White USA. already had some left over.
*floors painted white. $160 for 10L tin. painted both walk in robe floor and bedroom floor.
*Ikea white coat hangers $9.99 for pk of 8. total: $130
*Vintage light from Salvos: $22
*Ikea Hemnes Mirror $119

double the hanging space and
total organised bliss : PRICELESS!
cute light fitting
very hard to photograph my divine new mirror but here it is!
there's my sweet little dolly sitting in the corner
that i've had since i was a baby.
lovely white timber mirror.
seems almost made to fit :)

white timber coat hanger love
(don't get me wrong. there will always be a place for crocheted and padded
coat hangers in my wardrobe. they're down on the bottom shelf)
throws and blankets stored in pretty bags and pillowcases.
so there you have it.
our now very functional, teeny tiny walk in robe.
thanks for coming along :)
Kate x
house of grace
very merry vintage style

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  1. Love your work, Kate! I'll bet you don't know yourself when you walk into that wardrobe!


  2. what a job - looks perfect, i'd be finding excuses to "walk-in" there too! the size of that mirror is amazing, and that Bunnings storage system is the same one we used for our laundry!

  3. Wow Kate it looks amazing sounds and looks likes a job well done ;-)) dee xx

  4. Hi Kate :) Wow! Love how organised your wardrobe is now! Just wanted to let you know that I've past on a blog award to you, come over to my blog to see :)
    Cas x

  5. looks fab! i'm moving next week, and my disappoint is that my WIR is actually a WalkThrough to the ensuite. Definitely not as big as I'd like so Organisation Is Key.

    TDM xx