Friday, November 16, 2012

finally got the paint brush out & a project!

well Friday is here and i'm so happy it is!
another working week done and dusted. the end of the school year is almost upon us- still so much to get done though!
i did manage to get a few small things painted up. felt so good to splash around some white and aqua paint. it's been too long!

1st up were the top 2 suitcases. painting them has really lifted this little corner.
the blackboard got a freshen up, and the Italian plaster scrolly thingy hanging above it gives it a new look.
a couple of bali style frames got a like of paint too. (the other one is on top of the suitcases)
this old wardrobe door with bevelled edge mirror was an ebay find. love it so much more white!
it has the prettiest timber beading around the mirror's edge.
you can see the mirror a bit better here.
found this cool boho skirt that matches perfectly with my aqua lace top from Thailand.
and this cute stool got the white treatment also. it now sits by the bath.
i usually show "before" pics, but you just need to picture ugly dark timber and you get the picture anyway :)
i want to show you a project i have put aside until the holidays arrive. the husband is not convinced and thinks it belongs at the tip. and when i told him i even paid money for it i really got the look.
so as you can see it's an old mantle of some sort and is missing a few pieces- including the mirror which is sad.
so the thought so far is to cut those top bits off, give it a good scrub and sand, maybe a lick of white paint too, and then stick a blackboard in the centre. i'd so love some ideas!
Kate x
visiting over at Scandi Coast Home 
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  1. Love all your blackboards, or maybe another mirror or quilted pinboard? I have no projective vision of what this is/was, so can't wait to see the transformation! Love the painted suitcases, such pretty storage or just decor :)

  2. love all your projects Kate! Aren't husbands funny sometimes, especially when you get the 'look' lol...I know that one well ;)

    I love your idea for the mantle, and look forward to the end result...will you replace the missing mirror or would it suit chicken wire in both bits?

    xx Karen

  3. love the colours, everything looks gorgeous!

  4. This is the prettiest post I've seen this week. Love your suitcases and that mantle is amazing.

  5. Cool mantle Kate. I saw something similar at our recycling centre but they wanted over $100 for it. Crazy! Anyway, you could put a mirror in the middle bit too. Have a great weekend!
    Cas x

  6. You'vehad a busy week Kate! Looking lovely :) Jo x

  7. All looking very pretty, especially the boho skirt and lace top!

  8. Beautiful! As soon as I saw the mantle I thought blackboard! It will look fab once its done and cant wait to see the finished project. xo

  9. I love all of your painted projects, the tie dye skirt is fab and the "to-do" mantle would make a fabulous blackboard (love this idea!) or a headboard with a padded button back insert filling the gap... or a mirror placed in the centre and hung over the bathroom basin... x Tina :)

  10. busy girl!...all looks replace the mirror....chicken wire idea is great!
    Allison x

  11. ooh you just gave me a great idea for my tiny table...bathroom beside the bath with candles and a glass of wine...cheers!
    Bec x

  12. Lovely week of painting Kate! I think the mantle would work well as a blackboard or it could also frame a lovely pic/ arty portrait. Loving your vintage suitcases. Has been such a stormy weekend, needless to say it has bought my focus back indoors which is kind of nice and needed! Rach x

  13. I love love love your skirt and that gorgeous top... actually I just love it all :)

  14. Love your boho skirt. The colours are so gorgeous.

    PS: I would like to invite you to enter the inHomewares giveaway at my blog. Enter for your chance to win $50 voucher!