Sunday, October 17, 2010

busy weekend

i've had a great weekend filled with vintage buys, painting and markets. i bought a stack of lovely items from a church garage sale on Saturday, and could not help but to start washing, cleaning and painting most pieces as soon as i returned home.

you can see the stash i came home with here- furniture, lamps, linen, etc. while i cleaned up items ready for painting, Emily made pancakes in the jug/bowl that i found. it came with a great recipe for pancakes on the side of the bowl!

i painted up 2 lamp bases, a sweet stool and a ceramic photo frame. i also purchased 2 silky oak chairs off eBay knowing i could revamp them with a little vintage fabric. and that i did!

it has been such a nice change to have the sunny weather back.. and a little less gusty wind today too.
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