Monday, October 25, 2010

'Perfectly Vintage' Finds

on sunday i managed to visit the markets (as usual) as well as an antique collectable fair. i was very controlled and only purchased a few things. i could have gone crazy, but my sensible side kicked in. probably because i have recently had a huge spring clean and chuck out, and it would be a waste if i was to refill the house too quickly with more finds!

at the markets i found a set of six ceramic name card holders. the family were selling a mass of wonderful pieces, so i couldn't help but chat away to find out why. it turned out they were moving their elderly parents into a newly built granny flat, out from their huge 2 storey home. i don't know if they have ever been used, but there are no chips at all on the sweet little blue roses which is quite amazing! and they also came in the original box for a tiny $3 :) :)

it was then home for a quick breaky and then off to the collectable fair! 1st find was another 'Fenton' piece- a white bowl with a clear ruffled edge. all the Fenton pieces i have spied at this fair start at over $45, so when the price tag read $15 i was happy happy! my trusty market/fair friend suggested i bargain, so i offered $12 and he said yes!

my gorgeous Sydney based sis-in-law has helped develop my taste and eye for vintage fabric and linen, so i was a little excited when i happened across a pair of vintage Sheridan floral pillowcase- still in the packaging! don't they go well with the Sheridan queen size sheet i already own?!

i am forced to miss my routine market visit next sunday, as hubby and i am off to a family wedding in Young NSW, while the girls stay on the Sunshine Coast with their grandparents. i'm looking forward to a little couple time as well as a few nights of no cooking/washing up!
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