Wednesday, November 3, 2010

for the love of candles

here is my latest candle purchase. i found it in Sussans. they have a gorgeous selection of soaps, candles, gifts and Christmas decorations at the moment. this lovely Fig & Nectarine candle in a tin had to come home with me :)

i adore mercury glass candle holders. they sparkle all on their own. i have these beauties in my entry. they aren't scented. just a couple of scented candles in the house at one time is enough for me.

what about a handful sitting in an old $2 jug?
i am loving them bunched together in vintage glass jars. they don't always have to be lit for you to enjoy them :)

this french style candle holder looks great with a good old chunky white church candle.
i even don't mind a rose scented candle in a fancy footed ashtray!
candles also look fab in a cute bird cage. we are going to hang this up in the corner of Kacey's room. she's a bit into birds and cages at the moment!
here are some button candles i made with my girls. they live in the bathroom for when we 'need' a candle lit bath :)

as you can see, i have a bit of a candle obsession. i don't need an excuse to light them up. i have them pretty much in every room of the house, and i light at least one every night. even when it's not quite dark enough. just for the smell of them. i find lit candles so soothing, so relaxing, so ambient. they change the feel of a room and the light is so much softer.

i'm always checking them out in the shops and home magazines. my fav would have to be the 'Glasshouse' range. their perfumes are out of this world and they last forever. the perfume fills a whole room- no matter what the size! i'm in the market for another one. i've burnt my last one right to the base.....
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