Saturday, December 17, 2011

Study floors painted white!

hi everyone!
we are now home from a totally amazing and relaxing 8 days on the Sunshine Coast.
sadly, it went SOO fast! we have looked forward to this holiday ALL year, and just like that,
it's all over :(
i hit the op shops almost the minute we arrived, so have some finds to show you later.

before we left on our holiday, Mike finished painting the floors in the study.
He did the floors in our bedroom not that long ago. you can see the post on them here.
He is absolutely SOLD on the whole painted floor thing, and can't wait to get stuck into the formal areas next!

so here you can see the study with the carpet gone.
filling the cracks is next.
filler is then sanded and ready for painting.
this is the pic i left you with in the last post.
3 coats later!
couldn't be more pleased.

$15 mirror from the markets last week.

oh, and if you want to see the post on the painted filing cabinet,
go here to have a look!
i was completely exhausted once school finished for the year, but after that
beach holiday, i'm back and motivated to get stuck into some more projects!
i'll be back tomorrow with some holiday pics :)
Kate x

ps the winner of my Christmas giveaway didn't get back to me, so i did a redraw.
the lucky winner is the lovely Kim! you parcel will be in the post next week!

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  1. I love this! We're wanting to do this with our basement floors. Can you tell me where you learned all about filling the cracks and sanding them, etc? Did you have a tack strip down previously that left holes ALL around the room like ours? lol!