Tuesday, February 28, 2012

doily earring keeper

what you need:
*bamboo hoops from Spotlight- starting from $2.50
*vintage doilies (i have a never ending stash!)
*you can also buy doilies from Spotlight.
place doilies over hoops to work out what size doilies will fit best
loosen the outer hoop, place doily between hoops and tighten-
adjusting doily as you go.
once firmly in place, you can either trim the edges or tuck them in behind.
you could paint the hoops of course, but i'm liking the natural look
against the various doily colours.

then choose your favourite earrings and hang up with some pretty ribbon.
i've used a piece of pearl string to hang mine
i'll be selling these through my facebook page here.

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  1. Great idea Kate! They're so cute :) Hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods.
    Cas x

  2. what a great idea! simple & practical.

  3. Wonderful idea! I love to make doilies, and they would be great in my room as earring hangers! Just wonderful. I'm following you now. :)