Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday Market Finds

Happy Monday!
the beginning of another week!
i thought i'd show you my finds from yesterday morning's
market trip.
i spied that timber box in the hands of a woman setting up her stall and
asked if it was for sale.
"Well it is, but they are very popular so i'm not sure what price to put on it."
A slight pause then, "How's $3.00?"

she also had this lovely old mirror, which now resides on my bedside table.
the next stall i stopped at had these darling silver plate spoon and cup sets! $2.00 the lot!!
Salt container and whiskey label 50c each.
Christopher Vine melamine cups. 3 for 50c.
i love timber bowls. sometimes they get painted, but i'm liking this one as is.
these once retailed in Target for $24.99.
i LOVED them, but couldn't justify the price.
glad i waited. got it for $2.00 yesterday!
nice soft knit tops, Sportsgirl leather belt and a Clinique makeup bag.
last stop is fresh fruit and veg. here's about half of it!
Emily just about knocks me down as i walk through the door!
she loves her fruit :)
off to wake my sleeping beauties!
Kate x

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  1. Kate i love looking at wooden crates at the moment, would love to do a stack for outside, and LOVE LOVE the Christopher Vine cups (chandelier and birdcage print, faves) - haven't even ever seen those in the shops!! xo

    1. i like your thinking Kim!
      do you have a Trade Secret Store near you? they often stock Christopher Vine things at great prices! i saw these cups in there once! Kate x

  2. Great deals!! Love the cups!

    Happy Sunday!


  3. Wow, you sure found a good stash of goodies. I especially love the box and the mirror. Lucky you.

  4. What a great morning of bargins you got...Love the mirror..

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  6. Oh so many lovely finds!!! You lucky girly :)