Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

there was no painting done AT ALL this weekend.
there were white lounge covers to wash,
cleaning to be done,
great friends to have dinner with,
a market stall to be held,
and family time. to. be. had.

so, this afternoon,
we ventured off to the Nudgee Water Hole to see what we could find!
oh, and we happen across a snake!! eek!!
thankfully he was a littley, and in the water away from our feet!
you can see his head peeking out of the water to the right of the photo.
my talented 13 year old, who is becoming more talented by the day
took most of these pics on the good ol' iPhone.
my 2 precious ones
precious ones with their proud Mumma
(um, suck ur tum in and stand up straight Mum!)
well i was starting to wilt at this stage- been up since 4:40am!
such a peaceful stroll

Kace off to check out what can be seen from the viewing platform
cute duckies
sunlight steaming through the trees.
i hope you've all had a great weekend.
we certainly have!
now where was that paint brush........
Kate x

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  1. sounds like a relaxing weekend with your girls. a beautiful walking track - i don't like the look of that snake though!! :O

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