Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Market Finds

good morning everyone!
we have finally had a couple of "no rain" days up here!
the weather has been very wet and dreary over the past few weeks
here in the usually sunny State
of Queensland, and it's been driving us all a little crazy!

well i thought i'd pop in and show you some market finds.
i was a teeny bit excited when i came across these sweet rusty kitchen scales
this morning.
cute little white pottery vase and heavy crochet throw
more hard covered vintage books and a silver egg cup and spoon.
i'll be adding them to my Easter prop collection :)
shabby old window frame that i'm loving on the wall of my dining room.
a pair of candle holders i painted in french grey and white.

the little green trolley is one of a pair that i'll be painting up for a client.
silver plate tray.

i don't normally go for 'wordy' cushions, but this one at $2
fits so well in with the colours throughout our home.
i've been wanting to get a nice soft rug for our painted concrete floors,
and found this beauty for $5!!
perfect fit too! and it's machine washable- it's in the machine with loads of
napisan and detergent as a type!!
i have collected quite a few old suitcases of late, so happy to stumble across
something a little different. i liked that this one was timber and loving the worn green.
upon further inspection, i found timber legs inside!
ok little $5 suitcase, so you're also a table!!
umm, sadly, it was VERY difficult to put together,
so it will just have to be happy stacked with other suitcases!
cute legs though!!
another $5 vintage yum find

yep, the scales were my favourite find today ;)
in a few sleeps, our little family is heading off over the ocean
on an exciting holiday adventure! i'll be back in a few weeks to tell
you all about it!!
Kate x
a stroll thru life
twice owned tuesday

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  1. wow! great find & i love it on that gorgeous aqua trolley!!!
    :) x

  2. Oh your room is so pretty and all of your vignettes are lovely. What great finds. I love that scale. Hugs, Marty

  3. Yes I too love those scales. Thanks for sharing all your lovely images. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. Nice finds Kate! I particularly like that window frame...very cool! Hope you guys have an awesome trip, Kate. Take care.
    Cas x

  5. What AMAZING finds!! That window frame is fabulous as is the suitcase and scale. And oh my, that rug is a real score.
    Mary Alice

  6. What great finds! I love old vintage scales too and yours is a beauty.

  7. The scale is a wonderful wonderful scale. Well done.

  8. Lovely finds. You sure have some great markets up there in QLD
    Carolyn xx
    Have a great holiday

  9. cute finds Kate, enjoy for break. xx

  10. love your discoveries at such great prices!

  11. Hi Kate
    Hope you had a great Easter. Love the scales and the silver egg cup. Great finds.
    Cheers Kylie xx