Sunday, February 10, 2013

back in the fast lane

and so another school year begins. i can't quite believe my eldest is a Senior this year, and my baby is in Middle School! the holidays are long gone, and Term One is well under way.
working between 2 schools is well and truly keeping me out of mischief, and the days and flying by.

i've only been into the odd op shop here and there lately, but found this sweet retro mirror
(with my dream chair on it!)
and this cool topiary style holder of some sort. it's now holding succulents (the only plants i can keep alive) outside!
i have managed to score some fab linen as well- finding a $4 king sized white doona cover and a $4 king sized white sheet! love a great linen find!!
we had a long weekend to celebrate Australia Day a couple of weeks ago. Usually a weekend perfect for a beach getaway or at least a BBQ outdoors with friends, but instead we were hit with cyclonic winds and torrents of rain for 3 days straight!
we battened down the hatches, and only left the safety of our home for the essentials- food and wine lol!
the dark dreary weather bought wine o'clock around earlier than usual. yep still in my PJ's at 5pm!!
boredom eventaully set in, which saw me making clay tags for next Christmas (what the?!)
painting up a blackboard, vignetting with jugs and cutlery,
and generally foofing about the house. 
it was so great to get the sunshine back!!
i'm beginning to get withdrawals from lack of furniture painting, so hope to find a good chunk of time to get a piece done up soon! until then, i'd love you to come visit me on instagram ;)
have a happy week!
Kate x
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  1. Fun post Kate :) Now don't forget you've already made your Christmas decorations when it's that time of year :) Happy Foofing xx

  2. Lovely finds. Hope you are not working too hard.

  3. lol about the Christmas decorations but I can understand the stir-craziness that all that rain brought, I thought it was never going to end, and we had friends staying with us during it...5 kids in the house was enough to drive me mad, lol!

    xx Karen