Sunday, February 24, 2013

i just HAVE to paint something!

hello lovelies! i hope you've all been enjoying the weekend. we have had brilliant weather up here in the usually sunny Brisbane- although it was initially forecast to be stormy and rainy. looking out the window, i think that storm is not too far away...

i took the above photo last weekend, and decided it had been waaay too long since i held a paintbrush and stuck it into a big tin of white paint. sooo, by 7am yesterday morning, i had the old towels out, the furniture lined up ready to go and the couch covers in the wash.
all these pieces were looking a little too tired for my liking, and were in need of a few coats of paint to freshen them up. 2 coats later, and they were lookin' much better!
then i tackled a favourite mirror- that one you can see to the right.
i was carrying it through the garage, and somehow dropped it. i screamed as a watched it break into about 75 pieces :( not one to cry over broken things, i'll admit i shed a tear on this one! the hubs is going to try and glue it back together... we'll see how it goes.
i swapped the cushions around and added in a bit more aqua.
Grandpa's tool box has come up a treat with a few coats of white.
this $3 thrifted wicker basket got a quick spray of paint and a bunch of gorgeous pink roses.
this nest of tables were a soft grey, now white.
my $5 suitcase, and $5 metal chest freshened up.

milk glass trio
looking onto the entry from the dining room.
i've moved the little blue table into the dining room, and created a sitting corner under the bay window. i potted up some plants i bought from this morning's market. hopefully they don't die in my care as most plants do ;)
i'm gonna make sure i have at least one morning coffee here before work this week!
we 're heading into week 5 of the school term...almost half way...WHAT?!
just crazy how the year flies on by.
i can't wait to show you my new purchase that will be arriving this week ;))
Kate x
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  1. all so beautiful! your grandfather's tool box looks amazing.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful!!!
    What gorgeous vignettes too - happily pinning away here!

  3. Your house is looking so pretty Kate and your photos are gorgeous!
    Cas x

  4. Your house looks gorgeous Kate......I can't wait to see your new item, esp. because I know what it is ;O)
    Tania xx

  5. Hi! I just found you through Beachcomber's blog and I am stuck! What great before and after photos you have and so much white, lovely! Although I cannot do what you do, that is paint everything white your photos are great inspiration. I am a teacher of English from Greece!

  6. I really love that silver urn with the plant.

    Love your style Kate.

  7. Your room looks so warm, fresh and inviting, so happy I popped in (it's so cold here)!