Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grandpa's Timber Box

i inherited this lovely old box that was handmade by my wonderful Grandpa. he actually made 3 of them- my Mum and my Aunty have the others. made with tender love and care; each corner has been secured with dovetail joins, and the top is held open with a sturdy strap of leather. the 3 boxes lined the wall of his garage/workshed in which he loved to potter. they were perfect for holding his tools and odd bits and pieces. i used it for outdoor toys and paint tins for a year, but decided in the middle of the night (as you do!) that it needed to come inside. and to live comfortably in our home, it needed to be painted....white of course! well, the inside is crisp white and the outside is a softer antique white. the girls are very excited, as it will house their lego for the time being. they are both extremely creative and construct the the most amazing things! the 3 compartments are great for dividing the pieces by colour or size. and the top can hold my magazine collection.... well a small part of it anyway!
some people might gasp in shock that i would paint such a piece, but i know G'pa won't mind. he would expect it would end up white in my house and is probably smiling in agreement :)

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