Saturday, September 18, 2010

two $2 finds this week

holidays are finally here, and i'm hoping to do alot more op shopping than this busy term has allowed me to do! however i did come across an unusual find in a little op shop up the road the other day. originally a light fitting, i thought this would make a great beachy looking candle holder. i love the blown glass that balloons out in between the metal cage that surrounds it. when i win the lotto, i'll hang it in my beach house!

this morning i went to a great car boot sale at a small church was having in the car park and found 4 old 600ml milk bottles in their carrier. it bought back memories of when my brother and i would collect the milk from the front door, and then leave them out for collection at the front gate. can you see the words "wash and return"? it might have to live at my front door for a bit of fun, but will also get the job of holding flowers once in a while.
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