Monday, December 27, 2010

appreciating the little things

now that the Christmas rush is over, it's nice to sit back and just breathe.
with a coffee in hand, i like to take a moment or 2, to really appreciate my home, some of my special finds and sit in my favourite spots.

this day bed is great for lazing about and reading, or taking a snooze.

2 of my favourite decorators and authors. ( i own most of their books ;) i love to sit and flick through these books for inspiration.

i hope you have had a truly special Christmas Day with your loved ones. we certainly did :)
the tree is now packed away for another year.

i'm waiting patiently for my wonderful husband to finish painting our bedroom. he is doing such a great job too! i'm so glad he's a perfectionist when doing up our home. i can't wait to get in there and set everything up!
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