Saturday, December 18, 2010

back from holidays

we are now home after a most relaxing holiday on the Sunshine Coast. we were lucky enough to have perfect weather on most days, and spent a lot of time at the beach.

the water was such a lovely temperature. the girls enjoyed digging huge holes and making 'drippy sand' sandcastles

here the girls are peeking through the portholes on the side of one of the resorts pools. these girls are like mermaids, and could hold their breath and smile for ages! all the photos with me in them didn't work, as i was either blowing out air or rising to the top for a breath!

and what a view we had. the unit we were in had a view that was considered to be 'partial views'. hmmm, these partial views were just fine with me!

and now onto the op shopping part of the holiday! i am lucky enough to have a husband who will drive me around to all the op shops and wait in the car for my return. he and the girls usually play competitive games on the iPad while they wait for me!

i'll share a few of my little treasures with you- my 1st find were these wreaths. i have a great idea for them which involves white spray paint and feathers..... it's quite hard to find lovely timber ones like these.

and next was this cute little metal candle holder. it looks at home with couple of my lamps i think.

and a colclough bone china saucer. i can't resist english china- especially one as pretty as this! perfect when putting out nibbles for guests, or to rest a candle on. and some end up being used for mosaics.

if Emily hadn't been eying off a bag in the window of one op shop, i wouldn't have spotted this mirror! i don't always like the ones with etched designs, but this one is a bit different and has a bit of a sparkle in the etchings. and just the perfect amount of age and foxing- give me a vintage mirror over a new one anytime.
one of our fish bowls has been empty for a while, so i carted home a pink bucket full of sand to create a different display.

the little vase to the left was another find. i loved the colour so it came home with me too.

the recent 'Home Beautiful' magazine was waiting for me when we arrived home, so here i sat (after hours of unpacking- still not done yet!) and read while admiring yet another candle arrangement!

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  1. Sounds like you had such a lovely time away, looks like a wonderful spot.
    The treasures you found are great.
    Candle arrangement look fabulous.
    Take Care, Deb