Wednesday, December 8, 2010

time for a break

there's only one more sleep until we head up to Caloundra for 8 nights of beach bliss. i am hoping the rain stays away long enough to get myself a tan and do some long walks along the boardwalk. i find it hard to stop at home, so i'll be forced to read lots of mags, do lots of blogging, take loads of beachy photos and stare at the ocean for long periods of time- whether that is done from our balcony or my beach chair. most of this done with a wine in hand of course :)

my girls can't wait to spend hours swimming in the resort pool, catching the currents as the tide goes out, collecting shells and exploring the rock pools. we have been counting down the days, weeks and months for our once a year family getaway, and i can hardly believe it's almost time to go.

the Chrissy shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and i intend on staying away from the shops as much as is possible...... not including the op shops. that's different. i'll be doing my usual treasure hunt :) hopefully i'll come back with some goodies.

now would probably be a good time to start packing then hey? hubby has promised to wash and vacc the car, then it's just beach towels, hats and swimmers i suppose.... if only it was that easy! no matter how hard we try to 'pack lightly' the back of our station wagon is always stuffed to the roof.

if you are lucky to be off on holidays too, travel safe and relax!!
Kate ;)

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