Tuesday, May 10, 2011

more finds & a little painting

hi everyone!
i'm so glad to see the sun out today after a wet freezing day yesterday!
today is my birthday! i hit a few op shops after dropping the girls off at school.
i found these pretty brooches.

and 2 single vintage sheets.
i will probably keep one for a tablecloth and list the other on eBay.
here are a few more additions to my milk glass collection. 2 found on eBay and the larger pot in an op shop.
i painted up these cute little jewelry trees last week. i thought they would make great party favours or birthday presents, with a necklace hanging from a branch.
these lilies were for Mother's Day. so was the little pot.
i had planned to paint all day yesterday, but it wasn't the right weather- however i
decided i just had to paint something, as i didn't get any time to paint over the weekend.
here's the table that received the makeover.
a close up of the little pen pot Kacey gave me. it's from TYPO.
love that shop!
you can see the top of the little table is made up of hundreds of matches!
it was too pretty to paint over completely, so i painted it sparingly so you could see the hours of work that would have gone into it.
the sweet blue chair is off to it's new home tomorrow. the clock and ceramic flowers are in my eBay store at the moment along with some other things.
table before...
i'm off to have lunch with a friend.
can't wait to get my family home from school to spend my birthday afternoon with them.
Kate x

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  1. Many Happy Returns on your birthday Kate! Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your time with your family this afternoon.
    Anne xx

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your little Typo pot - I adore that shop too! Gorgeous blue brooch and I really like the star topped table :)

  4. Happy birthday have a wonderful birthday tea with your family. Love those milk glass wear items i have never seen those before and there so lovely. Lilies are my favorite flower i adore the smell. enjoy them, dee x

    Ps the table looks great to ;-))

  5. Happy Birthday for Monday Kate. Sandy x

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you've had a great day :)

  7. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday Kate! That matchstick table is so unique. Must have been time consuming to create.

  8. Happy belated birthday to you. Mine was on May 2nd. Hope you got my card. It wasn't a birthday card, just a thank you for the wonderful blog candy I won awhile back. Love all of your finds, sounds like you had fun.