Sunday, May 29, 2011

old commode chair

we have had gorgeous weather here in Sunny Brisbane, and it has lasted ALL
weekend. Perfect for getting into some painting.
i finished off this lovely old commode chair this morning.

found these pretty white English teacups this morning too.
just right to add to my 'white' collection of pretty things :)
anyway, back to the chair!
it was the chair's pretty shape that got me.
i just had to bring it home and give it a makeover.

and would you believe it still has the original ceramic potty inside?!
VERY hard to come by and an extremely rare find.
i love the back on it.
i am planning on having a big shabby "YARD" sale soon.
this chair will be there and hopefully go home with a new owner.

chair before....
2 coats of paint done on the huge dining table i'm painting.
better go do another!
Kate x
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  1. it looks great Kate! Am sure she'll find a new owner soon :))

  2. Wow, that would be a rare find, hope you get lots of discerning buyers at the yard sale - you will score big time $$$, lots of fun too :)

  3. I LOVE IT!!! Kind of gross.......but the original pot!!
    That is so awesome!!
    What a great find!!
    Now I gotta find one too!!!