Monday, April 23, 2012

market finds

good morning! i was up and out the door before the sun was up- as i always am on a Sunday. just love getting out and grabbing lots of bargains as well as my weekly fresh fruit and veg. the green bud vase was just $1, as were the vintage books. 

i then came across this vintage fabric ruler for $3. i remember my Dad having a similar one in his shed when i was little.
i always keep an eye out for funky costume jewelry and love this knuckle buster that set me back a tiny $1. i managed to score a whole lot of clothing too- brands such as French Connection, Forever New and good old Supre'!! maybe i'll cave one day and do a fashion post? hmm, we'll see!!
I had to get this for my animal loving Kacey after our trip to Thailand. she's already on the lounge with her nose in it, studying up on Thailand's wildlife!
well, i'm totally not used to this new blogger set up! it is so different, and i can't get my text the same size, it's loading my pics all over the place. why the change?? well hopefully i'll adjust quickly!
how's everyone else coping with the new blogger look?

oh, and the desk i painted up and showed you is now on eBay along with a few other things.
you can view it here.
Kate x

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  1. The vase is adorable and the ruler I want, want, want. Which markets? Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. Lovely items, my favorite is that beautiful ring!!

    Have a great night!


  3. What a lovely things you found!

    I really love your ring!!


  4. LOVE the mixed-colored books stack! Also curious how you'll use/display the old-school (literally!)ruler!