Saturday, April 21, 2012

pair of vintage trolleys

no your eyes aren't blurring! i have been playing around on the
good ol iPhone and having fun focusing on different things!
focused in on the chandelier crystals here!

i've just finished sanding the edges back on this lovely pair of
vintage trolleys. they have been painted in Antique White USA
as requested by the client, and are going to be used as her bedside tables.
she specifically asked that the underneath of the top shelf be painted
so there would be no yucky dark coloured timber visible- even when lying down in bed.
lots of great storage space.
either for showing off pretty wares, or hidden away in boxes or baskets
original colours of green and pink can be seen peeking through
on the sanded edges

cream roses in my mason jar

trolley before....
you can see more pics of it in this post here

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  1. Such a nice tables are view in the article.It look so traditionally pairs.Such a Nice decorations it with flower ports.

    shopping news

  2. wOW! What a great idea. Painting under didn't come across my mind. That's new for me §;-) well, it is not me who do the paintings.

    TY for sharing.

    Happy TTT,

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from Tabletop Tuesday. Love the idea of using trolley carts for nightstands. So much possibility! Thanks for inspiring.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class