Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cupboard revamp- inside & out!

good morning! it's a Public Holiday here in Australia, so we are all at home taking it easy. so nice to have a breather mid week! i have started off the day with a quick sewing project. this cupboard was a road side find many years ago. you may remember it left my laundry some time ago and came to live out here in the family room.
last year, the handy husband helped me organise the inside with a few shelves.
before the shelves were installed, here's how it looked! it was a home for whatever i felt like throwing in there.
a few pieces of MDF cut to size.....
had it looking much better!
and now it's home to all my sewing needs and my stack of tablecloths. anyway, back to the pretty outside! so it was a simple sew each side of the rectangle piece of fabric, add pockets top and bottom and attach inside the cupboard door with these hook and eye thingos.
the cutest birdy fabric. available at Spotlight if you want some!
our sweet hand reared cockatiels live to the left of this cupboard, so now they have some more birdy friends to chat to.
cupboard before....
note the time i started and finished this little project?? only took 25 mins!
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  1. you are clever!! love it and how you've decorated it.

  2. i know, i already said on facebook i love the curtain :) also love the brown and white suitcase stack on top!

  3. WOW - it looks fantastic! and in only 25 minutes - boy you put me to shame - I am the QUEEN of putting things off to look at other peoples hard work! However, you have inspired me (and the thought that this might not take too long - ha!) to do a similar revamp to a cupboard that I have at home. Fingers crossed it turns out as fabulous as yours. Great blog - LOVE your style! Paula x

  4. Your cupboard looks fantastic!
    Have a lovely day off, we have our labour day holiday in October in NSW - right in the middle of school holiday!

  5. Hi,

    What FABULOUS revamp you have.

    So pretty and everything wonderful. And a quickie too.

    Happy TTT and TY for sharing.