Wednesday, June 27, 2012

an AQUA side table & a few finds

well we are smack bang in the middle of both school holidays and Winter here in Brisbane.
it has pretty much rained non stop for the last 24 hours, is currently 13*
and is only expected to reach a top of 16*. hmm, not my ideal!
last week was lovely and sunny and i managed to get this cute little side table
i'm loving the detail in the legs. this cutie is going right next to my corner lounge.
(sneek peek of another makeover in the background- i'll be back to show you the rest
of it very soon!)

On Sunday morning, i was up at 4:10am and ventured off to do a market stall
with a couple of friends i work with. i love a good clean out, and it's a great way to
fill the wallet with some extra cash for the holidays.

a few purchases- gorgeous green and pink crochet throw rug.

pretty perfume bottle (centre)
and another lovely tablecloth :)
table before....
i have a facebook page here. if you're not following along already, i'd love to have you click the like button! i often sell treasures on this page and will be parting with a few lovelies soon!
Kate x

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  1. gorgeous finds and what an improvement on the table!

  2. Nice to see the pics on Faceboook of you rugged up in warm layers like us here, however we've had it much much colder!! LOVE the pink and aqua of that rug and the market stall sounded like a pretty big success!

  3. I love that color I see a bit of it sneaking into your home...raining here as well, dosn't make for happy boys in the school holidays.

  4. Oh my goodness 4.30am!!!! You're an early bird

  5. Gorgeous finds Kate! Love that table :)
    Cas x

  6. wow Kate you totally saved that table! Love the crochet blanket too, I am a sucker for those :)

    xx karen