Tuesday, June 19, 2012

table & bookcase makeover

here is an old pine table and little bookcase i finished off over the weekend.
i dragged both items into our dining room to take a few pics before
losing the afternoon light.

both the table and bookshelf were painted and heavily shabbied as requested.
that's my gorgeous aqua leather camera bag you can see on the bottom shelf.
i'm so in love with it.
Margo over at 3 Annies is the talented designer. you can find her
facebook page here. tell her i sent you! so worth a visit!
with school holidays just around the corner, i plan on doing alot
more painting in that lovely aqua! my absolute fav colour!
(apart from white, white and white!)

i picked up that awesome aqua glass jar from a discount store!
somehow i seemed to have lost the before pics!
they were just ugly pine anyway. you're not missing out on much!
Kate x
House of Grace

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  1. the magic of white paint. lovely transformations !

  2. Beautiful! I have a similar ugly pine bookcase which I need to paint white one of these days for my daughter.

  3. LOVE the aqua too, esp with white, and isn't everywhere in cheapy stores now too? SO easy to find :)

  4. Hi Kate - Love the makeover. Just to let you know - I am really having trouble reading the font on your web page. Even with my glasses on it's small. Did you change it? Sorry - not trying to be negative, just hard to read.

  5. Hiya Kate. I'm in love with your camera bag too! And the aqua! And I spy a cute little shell sphere in there, aren't they gorgeous? Great job with the table and shelf :)
    Cas x