Sunday, June 17, 2012

to market to market

Good morning all! SO sorry it's been a while since i last checked in.
i am almost ready to show you a few painted pieces i have been working on.
So today, i thought i'd give you a little looky in to my regular visit to my local market.

i thought this vintage box looked pretty cool.
my market bud Steph scored this great piece for her
daughter's bedroom for only a few dollars.
loved these ceramic balls too.
met this lovely girl who has her own coffee shop nearby so will be stopping in
to try it out in the school holidays. i bought a few things from her including these cute hanging fabric fish.
i totally wanted to buy this vintage pendant light but our
ceilings are not high enough to do it justice.
after fruit and veg shopping, and carting all our treasures back to the car, it was
time to grab a fresh apple turnover. yum.
i didn't come home with any vintage items, but got some
great pieces, mainly for Summer. (hurry up Summer i need you)

Sass and Bide top and fun rainbow knit skirt.
groovy charm laiden necklace and scarf to add to my other 356
scarves i have. (slight exaggeration only)
cute shorts and fun top. erm, i don't really want to hug EVERYONE,
so will keep this as a PJ top i think!
perfect 'over the swimmers' dress.
pretty cream cardi and navy singlet top.
and i love me some tops still with tags attached!
fresh fruit and veg. alot of this fruit will be making it's way into some
fruit smoothies for a guilt free snack later on.

only 4 more days till school holidays for us!
i'm planning on doing my own market stall next Sunday.
so much to get rid of!
Kate x

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  1. Love the dress and S & B singlet best, as well as the pink and grey checked scarf you have on right here! I love markets, its been WAY too long!

  2. Looks like a fun day out.

  3. Kate looks like you had a fab time!! My mouth is watering just thinking about those smoothies :)

  4. Looks like you had a good morning, Kate! Haven't been to the markets for a whole month, maybe this weekend.
    Cas x

  5. they look like great markets. love the pendant light!