Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY camera strap cover

hi everyone!
you may have noticed my blog header has had a makeover!
The hubs helped me out. so glad he knows his way around the computer so well!
i've been wanting to give it a fresh look for a while, so glad i finally got to it!

i haven't been around on the blog the past week- too busy having holiday fun!
we are enjoying some magical Winter weather and getting out and about in the sunshine.
We had a day down in beautiful Byron Bay Tuesday and caught up with some fab friends
on the beach yesterday.
and today is a home day! time to do the boring house duties, get some sewing and
painting done, and show you my DIY camera strap i whipped up before the
photography course i did on Sunday afternoon.

I love to sew basic stuff, and not alot of measuring gets done around here!
no following patterns.
it's all guess work i tell you! that's just how i sew :)

i picked out some pretty fabric (this one is currently avail at Spotlight)
Fold in half and leave a little either side and either end of the strap.
fold in and pin.
undo ends, fold in and stitch.
repeat for a nice neat finish.

i tried to make a pocket on one end for my lens, but made it too small!
oh well. it might hold a packet of tic tacs instead lol :)

i wrapped a doily around the other end.
just because i like doilies on everything i sew up if i can help it.
stitched it on first,
then tucked it in the sides while i sewed up the whole strap.
it was a tight fit, and i made it slightly longer than the strap so that it would
bunch up and have a gathered look.
it was fiddly, but quite easy.
i thought i'd show you the little knobs i bought
for my beachy cupboard i showed you last post.
they were reduced at Spotlight- $9.99 for the pair.
Kate x

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  1. Love the camera strap Kate...I love your fabric choice too, I have been playing round with that one too. Great knobs also...I have never seen any at our local spotlight, better ask them next time I am there!

    xx Karen