Tuesday, July 10, 2012

more furniture for the school

good afternoon all!
i've cut back my gorgeous tulips, and transferred them to this pretty milk glass vase
i found at the markets last Sunday. i'm hoping to get few more days enjoyment out of them,
although it's back to school and work tomorrow!

the hubs and i have been busy painting the last few days. all ready
for another delivery. this piece is my fav. it's going in the Principal's Office,
and will be used to store tea and coffee supplies.
i'll be honest- Mike did most of the work on this one! it was a big job.
the old metal handles were replaced with these pretty glass knobs.
the entire inside was also painted. the shelves are removable.

cabinet before....
another table for the staff room,
(couldn't find the before for this one! just think mission brown and green!)
old cupboard with doors missing. great storage.
i've painted up one of these before-
you can see what it looked like here.
Mike cut the legs off this desk to turn it into a coffee table.
really love how it turned out!

Kate x

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  1. it's going to be a cool school!!

  2. It all looks wonderful Kate, what a great score getting all that work from the school, not to mention the publicity when lots of other school staff/parents see it all!

    xx Karen

  3. You have been so busy. Lucky staff !!

  4. It all looks great Kate!
    Cas x

  5. Beautiful tulips! A lovely friend bought me some deep pink ones the other day, they are such a gorgeous flower. Well done with all the furniture, it all looks fantastic. And it must have been very hard work! Rachael xx