Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreamworld Fun

i hope you are all having a great weekend!
i thought i'd break away from thrifting finds and furniture makeovers today
and show you some pics from Dreamworld.
we were generously given a 21 day family pass from my Mum, and managed to get there 3 times.
visit one
was all about the rides!
so we started with 'The Rapids'.
supposedly that wasn't "thrilling enough" so it was then onto
the scary rides.
Me: i'll pass and just watch thanks ;)

"The Sky Rocket"
"The Avalanche"
a little bit of peace and tranquility amongst the screams from surrounding rides!

"The Claw"
my 3 loves mid air!!
"The Shock Wave"
"The Giant Drop"
seriously, Mums should be given awards for letting their kids get on this!
it goes up slowly to 120m in the sky, then drops at 135km hour.
apparently the closest thing to skydiving!
White Water World is attached to Dream World with numerous
pools, slides and thrill rides to choose from.'
Here's Kace in front of a giant bucket that fills and then dumps!
heading home after a mammoth day!
visit two
Mike took the girls this time as i had to return to work.
Lining up for the "Motor Coaster"
ready to get on the "Reef Diver"
Kacey took this award winning shot of this stunning peacock that was roaming the grounds.
soaking wet after "The Log Ride"
visit three
Mike headed back to work so I took the girls for our last visit.
after a couple of hours enjoying White Water World,
we took time to check out some of the animals.
This inquisitive tiger was checking us out in the viewing area.

lovely scenery overlooking the Billabong.
Home to many fish, turtles and eels.
saying hi to the wallabies
Em offering this one some food.
the most content and satisfied koala i have ever seen!

i would have to say Dream World is definitely my favourite of
all the 'worlds' on the Gold Coast. Something for everyone.
That's it for school holidays. all done and dusted.
Back to school next week.
Kate x

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  1. sounds and looks like a lot of fun kate! happy new year!


    ps love the floor painting from your last post, it looks fantastic.