Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a hole in your fav top?

today is back to school for many i know. my eldest is off to
Leadership Day today, as she is in Grade 9 this year! she is also about 1cm
off being the same height as me, and is fitting into some of my shoes and clothes.
and i'm not short. oh help me!
so i have one last day with Miss 10. we're going to hit the shops,
and do coffee, cupcakes, hot chocolate, and sushi.

anyhoo, here's a little project i got done over the weekend.
so sad when i pulled one of my fav tops in my fav colour out of the
washing machine while away at the beach on holidays to find this.
it was kind of my fault, as i forgot to pack hoisery bags. who remembers
hoisery bags when packing for holidays anyway?? not me :(
so i was truly just going to throw it out, as the 2 holes are right at the front.
of course they are! then i got thinking. and i found the answer
in my HUGE stash of doilies that i showed you the other day.

so i started to pin and photograph.
i thought this doily combination was going to look perfect until i tried it on.
looking a bit stupid with a huge doily right at the front!
(mind you, some of you are probably thing that this whole doily fixing idea is totally stupid lol)
so glad i tried it on before sewing!
hmmm, too big i'm thinking.
oh but the cute one on the pocket. yep. great idea.
umm no! tried it on and not liking the pocket doily!
so this is what i went for in the end.
just the one. luckily the holes were close together.
and right at the front of course.
i then sewed a cross through the doily with the machine.
and hand sewed the rest. nearly killed me.
took 200 times longer than i expected.
and if i hadn't done enough hand sewing?
i decided to try some doilies on a pair of op shop jean shorts.
i can't stress enough how important it is to try before your sew!
i thought the bigger doily on one side would look awesome until i tried them on!
it really looked rediculous!
did one on the back pocket though :)
so there you have it. in my mind, doilies can fix up
your favourite top. and make your jeans shorts rock.
i promise i won't wear them together.
Kate x
homemaker on a dime

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  1. What a clever idea! Haha we'll hold you to your promise. Love the phone cover.

    TDM xx

  2. I like that very much Kate...!!!~~~ as I am the crochet medallion kind of guru""~~~

    x andrea