Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lounge/Dining Rooms made over

the floors are done!!
i was so excited to be able to move everything back into the dining and lounge rooms,
and potter and style the afternoon away yesterday.
and it's feeling white white white! love love double freaking LOVE it!!
i was up with the birds at 5am
(just like when i styled my bedroom the morning after the floors were finished)
filling jars and fish bowls with greenery and flowers.
i'm really kind of liking the fish bowl vase :)

for those newer followers, (welcome and SOOO happy to have you following!!)
we have also painted the floors in our bedroom (as mentioned) & walk in robe
as well as the study.

cute mini suitcases i got yesterday from a lovely bloggy follower
who was having a massive clean out. oh, i came home with the best stuff!!
piles upon piles of doilies and vintage linen, milk glass, stools,
chandelier, trolley and more! chocked the sportswagon from the front seat to the boot and home i came with a nice big smile on my face :))
some piccies are a bit dark sorry. it was quite overcast this morning.
while the floors were being painted, i was repainting my lovely old hutch.
it went from french grey to white. yep i know, what a surprise!
another blackboard has found it's way into the house.
pink this time.
the dining room.

i'm thinking a nice white or cream rug will work well in here when the weather cools down.

the dining room was painted 1st, so it then became the lounge room while the lounge room floors were done.
i quite liked it! i felt very cosy and cottagey. (if that's a word?!)
painting begins in the lounge room....
carpets rolled back in the dining room
dining room before....
colour of hutch before....
that's it for the major stuff until next school holidays!
i'll be back to show you some of the treasures i came home with yesterday very soon ;)
Kate x
My Romantic Home
funky junk interiors

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  1. Just lovely Kate. White is the way to go. I don't think you can beat it. That little peaked window fraom you have sitting on the floor looks cute. And the dresser is fab

    1. thankyou! picked up that little frame yesterday ;)

  2. Love your room! Is that an Ikea ottaman recovered on the top? I have that chair and ottamon and found that ottamon so useful!

    1. yes it is! i have folded a pretty tablecloth over the top. love them too :)

  3. LOVE the look of the greenery, AND the aqua/teal coloured chest!!!

  4. ooh, just noticed the pink blackboard too :) love that

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE your home!!!! The painted floors are gorgeous! What kind of paint did you use?
    I want to paint ours....
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your home! Beautiful!