Friday, January 27, 2012

pink polkadot raggy quilt for a new bub

happy Australia Day!
hope all you AUSSIES have enjoyed your day so far!
our plans kind of changed due to the masses of rain we have had this week,
but we have had a relaxing, yet productive day at home anyway.

last night our neighbour brought his brand new baby grand daughter over
to show us. she wasn't even 24 hours old and so tiny!
i was really in the mood to sew this morning, so decided to make a soft
raggy quilt for the so far not yet named bub!

i already had a nice stash of pink polkadot flannel, as well as some white flannel
that i used for the wadding.
a quilting square, rotary cutter and board is also needed.
i cut a few squares and laid them out to help decide on the size.
i wanted it to sit well in a cot, but also be a handy size for the pram, bassinette
and later on maybe a play mat.
the quilt was also backed in the polkadot fabric, so i cut twice as many of those as the white.
the quilt was going to be 5 squares x 7 squares, so i cut out 105 squares altogether.
that took about an hour.
you can see the 3 layers here. i then ran a cross through each and every one
of the 35 squares. the centre one got a doily sewn on it. of course!
another hour for this step.

35 squares ready to be made into a pretty raggy quilt.
i then sewed the squares into strips.
(there's my yummy coffee in the background :)
5 strips with 7 squares in each!
the strips are then sewn together. it's all too easy really!
then to get that raggy effect going, all the edges are snipped.
(washing and then throwing it in the dryer gets the raggy edges looking less uniform)
i then went right around the outside with the machine and then snipped those edges too.
yes i really do like polkadots. that's my cute sewing box you can see in this shot!

tied off with a clay tag
i reused a TYPO bag to wrap it up, and glued paper doilies over
the word TYPO on each side of the bag.
a sweet MDF flower i painted with blackboard paint sets the bag off nicely.
i so enjoyed making this quilt and it only took about 3-4 hours.
(i forgot to measure it before wrapping it, so can't tell you how big it is whoops!)
Kate x
house of grace
my romantic home

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  1. I adore pale pink AND polka dots. I would be thrilled to get a gift like this, even if just for the presentation/wrapping!! I am going to start saving plain brown paper shop bags now :)

  2. Wow - you made that in one day?! Fantastic, love the pink and white. Even the wrapping is lovely.
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Really lovely Kate. So impressed with your talents! xx

  4. I love these quilts, my Mum made one for my son and daughter. Even my sister has one...hmm, I think it's my turn! Yours is gorgeous.

  5. Love it Kate, well done! Nothing better than pink and polka dots x

  6. Adorable! It's so funny that you call the baby "bub". I guess that must be an Aussie thing? I refer to our 7 month old little boy as my "bub" all the time. My husband just told me that we must be Aussies at heart and need to find our way home :)

  7. What a stunning and thoughtful gift. Her family are going to just adore it!! And how cute will she look under it. I think you must be now and unofficial auntie Kate xx

  8. Love the cute quilt, thanks for sharing the process, I have wondered how those type of quilts were made. Liked all your purchases too...gotta love forever new!

  9. Just wonderful and I love the pink ! Nice tutorial !

  10. What a beautiful quilt. That's a baby heirloom keeper! Gorgeous packaging too. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. x