Saturday, May 5, 2012

playing around with my new camera!

 happy Friday to you lovelies! how good does it feel when Friday rolls around :) well i've spent the best part of this morning playing around with my early birthday present! yep here i am in all my glory. a total no makeup, haven't done the hair, wearing slippers when i do the drop off in my paint clothes type of morning. and the girls were a little late for school because they had to try out the new camera too!

so i hopped happily about the house clicking and snapping. and on auto focus, my new best friend did the rest.
i have been a total iPhone photo taker. up. until. today. i must say i've been impressed with my phone's pics, but boy, i so didn't realise how much i was missing until i got my hands on this camera!
i can't wait to learn how to really use this baby ;)
so it's a day at home for me today. music cranked to help me get through the ironing pile and housework.
nothing like the promise of interstate visitors to get me moving!
so i'm a happy real camera owner now! hopefully it will help me forget that i'll be a whole year older next week!!
Kate x

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  1. Awesome pics Kate...what brand of camera is it? might be able to convince hubby to snap one up for me for Mothers Day ( wishful thinking lol)

  2. happy birthday for next week! & have fun with the new camera :)

  3. These are my favorite type of day :) No makeup, hair up, trackies and hoodie on!

  4. Mine is staying in my PJ's. Thanks for sharing, have fun with the new camera. Cheers SpecialK XoXo