Monday, May 28, 2012

homework time!

Happy Monday everybody!
ooh and it's a tad nippy here i can tell you!
i finished this desk and chair yesterday. it already has a home to go to.
i had fun raiding the girl's bedrooms and dressing it up for it's photo shoot!
the client's request was for it to be painted in Antique White USA (extremely popular!)
and shabbied lots.
love how the top of the table has come up with lots of sanding.

my girls made up an "I'm bored" jar. each curl has an activity on it.

looks like a fun spot to do your homework!

table and chair before....

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  1. The desk and chair look fabulous. Antique white USA is my favourite too- long before it became popular!

  2. Great styling here Kate - the new owner will be over the moon no doubt. What a lovely makeover - so sweet! x

  3. Hey Kate :)
    I absolutely love this! You've done an awesome job. Thanks for commenting on my blog the last couple of answer to your question, yes I did sew the crochet doily to the pillow (not well though!) and I'll text a close up photo of that twine pillow to you, yeah? Okay, catchya later xxx

  4. Amazing restoration.

    I am a chubby opppsss Shabby lover too and this project of yours is one of my drooling object. FAB, Kate.

    Job well done.


  5. Love it! Total perfection! A-M xx

  6. It is so cute and rustic. Love your styling too.