Saturday, August 4, 2012

clearing out the china cabinet

hi to you all. hope you are enjoying your weekend.
i finally pulled out my china cabinet and emptied out all the
pretties i have collected. i have found a leadlight sideboard to replace
this, so it is for sale through my facebook page here.
quaint coffee cups that were gifted to my Grandparents at their engagement
party. they have never been used. Granny gave them to me one weekend
i stayed over at her place.
this little pottery vase was the first of my pottery roses collection.

another favourite vase i found in an op shop.
pretty tea set from Nanna.
Grandpa's War Medals, and doilies his Mother made.
Needlepoint ceramic box that holds 4 matching ashtrays.
this was a gift from my Great Aunty.
so there are just a few of my favourite things.
many special memories.

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  1. I love hand me downs from family- they are the best!

  2. Katie this is so me. Adore that you have important pieces from you precious.

  3. Beautiful - so important to have special items and memories

  4. You have some beautiful heirlooms in your china cabinet.

  5. I love that your family gave the items to you and had the pleasure of seeing how much joy they bring to you and how much you value them. xx

  6. I love all your treasures and family heirlooms Katie, they're all so lovely! I love the piece were you store them too. Enjoy your week.

  7. Gorgeous memories for you Kate :)
    Cas x

  8. You have so many wonderful treasures and teacups! Wonderful memories that have been passed down to you.

  9. Kate your china cabinet and treasures inside are beautiful. Your items are not only gorgeous, but must be so meaningful to you as they hold family history and memories of where they have been and enjoyed.


  10. I'm a big fan of incorporating sentimental treasures into your home......
    What else is there without meaning and context because trends and fashions come and go......
    Tania xx