Saturday, August 18, 2012

our living areas

good morning lovelies :)
don't you just love the feeling of waking slowly on a Saturday morning?!
i sure do!
blowing a gale here, so i intend on saying inside! hate windy days!
(yes, i know, a bit precious lol)

any hoo, i thought i'd show you around our living areas.
something different to painted furniture and markets finds haha!
so the 1st shot is from the kitchen and shows you the family room and
my treasured collection of mirrors. hard not to photograph yourself
with that many mirrors. i tried super hard, but can see i got myself!
that's my pink painting jumper up in the left hand corner :))

the door below leads through to the garage. that's where i paint
through winter.
when standing in the kitchen, this is the left hand side of the bench.
this is taken from the right hand side.
my newly painted lead light cabinet is tucked under the bench.
the double sink is on the other side.
there's the telly that sits on an old sideboard.
washing up sitting in the drainer. keeping it a little bit real!
other side of kitchen. front entry door to the left.
i did a post on our entry a while back. you can see that here.
although i have redecorated a few times since then!
looking out from the sink area. you can see through to the formal dining room.
that's where i take pretty much all my furniture pics. as you can see
the room is flooded with natural light and the floors are painted white.
the best perfect picture taking room in our home.
looking a little more to the right (off the front entry)
is our formal lounge room.
the next 2 pics below are taken from the family room.
love my Ikea stools.

our cockatiels live to the left of the birdy cupboard which i've mentioned before.
they are too messy to make it onto this post today!
also love my pedestal fruit bowl found at a market for $5.

after i took these pics yesterday, i moved things around.
my aqua cupboard now sits where the birdy cupboard once was.
Birdy cupboard for sale here.
i finally found a spot for this favourite table too.
a happy weekend to you all.
Kate x

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  1. Kate your home looks lovely. It is all so light and bright and gorgeous. Mine is very brown at the moment, but even so I do love it. I know it will be day! Have lots of plans for it and can't wait to get stuck in.

    Have a lovele weekend :)
    xx Karen

  2. I love all your mirrors and I love the aqua touches- it is very light and pretty!

  3. Kate, your mirror collection is just beautiful. I was wondering how long it took you to collect them all? Gorgeous photos of your home.

  4. What a light and airy home you have. It breathes "springtime in Australia."

  5. You're house is so pretty, Kate :)
    Cas x

  6. Looks so that pop of color!