Wednesday, August 15, 2012

lead light sideboard

we have a Public Holiday here in Brisbane today for the EKKA Show.
if only we had every Wednesday off from school and work!

so i've taken some time to finish off a couple of larger projects
that i have been working on.
this lead light sideboard is one of them.
as usual, i had no idea what colour it would end up being when i started with the
2 coats of primer. i then stood back and stared at it for ages until i came up with this.
i just cannot get enough of the gorgeous aqua colours available.
this one wa on the mistint trolley and has definitely become a favourite.

i haven't filled the side shelves with all my vintage china yet, but popped
a few things in there for the photos. i think it needs a week or 2 to cure and fully dry.

here's what it looked like after 2 coats of Zinsser.
i know i've mentioned it before, but it's the best stuff.
no sanding necessary.

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  1. I know I said it on Facebook already but that really does look stunning Kate. I am a fan of the aquas, blues and duckeggs too and I cannot believe the gorgeous colours others deem as mistints, they are great!

    I am having a huge week working on some big stuff that I had almost finished a month ago before I got the flu. Feels sooo good to be back into it and getting it finished. My mate Suzi and I are doing the Lauriton market this Sunday so hoping for fine weather!

    xx Karen

  2. Beautiful job, the blue is just perfect and I love how you styled it as well!

  3. Wow it just so pretty. I love the lead light cabinet to begin with but the addition of aqua makes it something special.

    Hope all is well with you

  4. Such a HUGE improvement.
    Can you tell us what the aqua colour is or is it a secret formula?
    Tania ;o)

  5. It is beautiful Kate. Love what you have done with this sideboard. The colour is awesome. xx

  6. oh you clever chick you. So glad you linked up today - thanks Kate. Consider yourself officially stalked haha xx

  7. Hi Kate! Hello thank you so much for visiting me :) I LOVE this piece so much, it's so beautiful, what a transformtion!! I may be hanging around here a lot... your newest stalker I mean follower ;) Jo xx

  8. Kate! That is such a gorgeous colour and you've done a beautiful job :) Love ya work, chick!
    Cas x

  9. What a gorgeous makeover - the color is absolutely beautiful - and the piece itself is a beautiful piece of furniture - I've never seen one like it before!
    I'm your newest follower - would love to have you come by for a visit and follow back when you can,

  10. Amazing transformation :) Lovely colour!
    Greetings from the south-side (Loganholme)