Sunday, August 19, 2012

treasures found & pretty flowers

morning to you all!
i thought i'd pop in a show off a few finds from the last 2 weeks.
my markets have been pretty disappointing lately, and i'm not coming home with much!

i did find these old milk bottles this morning though.
now who remembers having milk delivered in these as a child? Me!!
they look so pretty lined up with a few flowers poked in.
love them against the crochet. so romantic looking :)
not sure what type of flower they are.
they grow like crazy all year round in the rockery by our pool.
spotted this sweet nest on the grass roadside on the way to school last week.
filled it with some plastic Easter eggs
an old cut glass ice bucket now home to a bunch of cutlery
found this sterling silver ring from the 70's in a tray
filled with vintage silver charms and jewelry.
love how high the setting sits.
and i just HAD to take a few snaps of these 8 day old ducklings!
little balls of sunshine ;)
and have a little cuddle!
i had ducks as a child. just adore them!
Kate x

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  1. Lovely finds as usual Kate and cute ducklings :)
    Cas x

  2. Great finds, love the cut glass ice bucket!
    I went garage saling yesterday and it was all a bit disappointing too!

  3. The flowers in the milk bottles are so pretty and to me it looks like a variety of lantana (maybe wrong, might need to google it). I agree with you about the market goodies drying up - times are tough and people seem to be keeping their goodies to themselves:(