Saturday, October 1, 2011

the holidays have been good to us!

we are home! what a good feeling after being away for almost the entire
school holiday break.
we had a fabulous time in Sydney staying with my brother and his family.
i took masses of photos, but i won't bore you with all of them!
here's a few to show you a little of what we got up to.

my brother has a boat, so we kept an eye on the forecast and picked
the BEST day for our day out on the water.

here's little Indi. such a treasure. such a cruisey baby.
this was her 1st trip out on Daddy's boat.

Josh enjoying the crystal clear water.

the girls found lots of starfish while searching through the water.
that was pretty exciting!

we also spent an afternoon down at "The Rocks" where we met up
with my Dad and Rhonda for lunch and a catchup.

standing just under the Sydney Harbour bridge i took this pic of the
Opera House.

after a jam packed week,
we were up before dawn to board our plane back to Brisbane,
where we unpacked, had a nanna nap, repacked, and headed 1.5 hours north
to beautiful Noosa.

here i am supervising pool play at the resort where we enjoyed a FREE holiday stay.
now this "FREE holiday" has a story behind it!

earlier this year, i sold some lovely shabby pieces to a lady through eBay.
her name is Cherry. she lives in Noosa. the day she drove to Brisbane to pick up her purchases
i was working, so left them at my front door for her to collect.
we had spoken once on the phone, and txted each other many times- one txt from her informing me that she would like us to stay in her little holiday apartment at a time that suited us.
no charge! well, we were pretty blown away to say the least!
we collected the key, opened the door and this was what i saw!!
decorated so nicely for a holiday unit don't you think?!

main bedroom. with towels folded up like bath robes!
shabby oars

and we still hadn't met Cherry at this point!
my 1st morning walk down the the river.
this was about 30 seconds from where we were staying!

Cherry called a few times to tell me about different shops (including op shops)
that i MUST visit.
her friend Jan owns "The White House" at Noosa Marina.
the girls and i couldn't resist taking home a few souvenirs.

yesterday's weather was stunning, so we decided to head
to Sunshine Beach. Is that not the perfect name?!
the last time we visited this beach i was 36 weeks pregnant with Kace
and Em was 3!!

wave jumping
love this "hey let's hold hands and jump together" pose :))

i treated myself to this yummy french looking tote i found another
cute shop called"bella rustique"
and finally, on our last day, i met Cherry!
she picked me up and took me back to see her place.
she poured us both a glass of wine and showed me around. and what did i photogragh 1st??
the toilet of course! love this old pail she uses to hold the toilet rolls.
a rusty old pail is now on my list of things to find!!

her laundry and bathroom are combined. she's made the most of the
space by using shelves and baskets to hold everyday items. she painted this slate wall white.
can you see the shower curtain in the corner of the pic? it's just a curtain liner
(apparently easy to find on eBay) which Cherry has threaded with rope to hang it.
love it!
she has a loft style bedroom. soo cute!
the bedroom floor, ceilings and stairs all painted white.

love the pops of colour. here's the vintage candelabra Cherry bought from me.
as you can see, it fits into her decor perfectly :)
so there's a snippet of our last 2 weeks!
i hit many op shops, but didn't find much. i have a couple of things that i'll show you
now onto the washing, picking the birdies up from their sitters,
and getting my baby packed for grade 5 camp!
Kate x

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  1. How lucky you are! How sweet of Cherry to be so kind to allow you to stay at her holiday apartment! I adore her wonderful, gorgeous place! That cute little pail! I love the laundry baskets! I have been searching everywhere for similar. I wonder where they came from?

  2. sounds like a fabulous school holidays!

  3. What a lovely story, just loved reading it ! Love your blog - i have been so slack with mine of late but really must find the time to get into it again . Mel xxx