Sunday, October 2, 2011

a treasure box of treasure!

i came home with some great treasure this morning! it paid off getting
there with the early birds that's for sure!

my first find was the cute tin above. i love old tins, but have never come across one
as pretty as this and as cheap- $5!

it was definitely a morning for old boxes.
here's a peek of the biggest one i came home with!

this one is perfect for the side of my lounge.

another box. this time a timber hat box. sadly it was missing it's
leather strap.
a little pie crust dressing table tray. matches my vintage mirrored
box to a tea!
another teacup and a billy can. hmm.....
probably didn't need the billy can lol!
and here's my biggest treasure of the morning and
love it, love it, love it!
can't wait to paint it up this week.
here are all my treasures stacked up, so get get an idea of how big that box is!!
the husband isn't too sure about it ;)
he was thrilled when we had to return with the trailer to pick it up haha!!
stay tuned for it's makeover!

oh and see that book?
it's called the "LADIES HANDBOOK"
apparently 1st printed in 1912, this copy was done from the original
in the 1940's in preparation for the baby boom after the war.
it's a ladies handbook of home treatment. it covers topics from the founding of a home,
pregnancy, caring for your infant, diseases, cures and simple 1st aid in the home.
i will enjoy flicking through this one! apparently quite a sort after book too.
back to school tomorrow!
Kate x

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  1. Lol about Mike :) Chris is adjusting well to the colour/print obsessive phase i am in, and is learning to just smile and say "yes" xo

  2. Woot woot!! Love those trunks Kate....truly an awesome find!
    Cas x