Monday, October 31, 2011

my baby turns 10

another successful Birthday and party was had over the weekend.
i can't believe my baby Kacey Rose turned 10!!
and what a blessed 10 years it has been as her Mum.

Emily did up the blackboard for her party. she's so talented and creative.

after my usual Market trip, we were straight into the party preparation.
Kacey wanted a blue/green/white theme. fits in well around a pool party :)
i found this whopping big vintage jar at the markets for $3.
perfect filled with blooms and greenery from the garden.

Present time with the guests.
one of her friends did up this little posy from her own garden.
so thoughtful
while the girls were inside playing "Pass the Dare" (as Kacey calls it)
i set up the party food.
they all received a pool toy to play with later.
here's Kace getting all embarrassed while completing her dare!
it was then into the pool!
yep, i just sat back in my adirondack and kept constant count
of the girls 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 every 2 minutes!!
one of my happy agave plants growing pool side.

the cake!
so yummy and easy. we bought the lamingtons from our local bakery,
topped with cream, flake chocolate and of course basketball candles!!
it was such a lovely afternoon.
off to a slower start today thankfully!
Happy Monday everyone :)
Kate x

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  1. aawww what a beautiful party loving the blue and green theme. Happy birthday for your lovely little girl. dee x