Saturday, October 15, 2011

road side tea boxes & a storm!

i dropped my daughter and her friend off at a birthday party
as this late afternoon storm rolled on in.
the above pic shows what i was facing as i drove home!

then the hail started!
i couldn't get the car in the garage fast enough.
you can see our driveway and lawn dotted with hail.
Mike helped me drag my road side finds out the back,
as i had to photograph them and show then off to you all
looky what i found!
these old tea boxes were sitting on the other side of the road
to where i dropped the girls at the party
these babies were in the back of the car pronto!!
thankfully i got my hot little hands on them before the rain did!
i spotted these further up the road.
and old flour sifter and a cute bowling bag.
check them OUT!!!
these made me come pretty close to doing a road side happy dance!
i'm totally in love with them, but not sure what to do with them exactly.
any ideas??
what would you do if with them if you were the lucky finder?
i also found some vintagey Christmas cards inside one of the boxes.
i'll show you those another time :)
Kate x
funky junk interiors

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  1. Uses; planters or side tables outside? Or just a little tiered stack feature? Or to hold supplies for your bird (feed, cleaning stuff, accessories)? No idea how you could spruce them up though, but bet you could!

  2. What a great find. Vintage tea chests. I remember moving house when I was about 8 years old and we packed everything into wooden tea chests for the move. I haven't seen them for years.
    Maybe you could make a coffee/side table?
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with them
    Kylie x

  3. Kate what a storm we had, I cannot believe that I went to all the trouble to get my car under cover only to find out that a large swing had blown over onto my car. A few scratches and a dint but nothing too bad. Now your wooden tea chests are lovely. I would stack them up bedside the bed and use them as a bedside. So good when you find stuff on the side of the road. Have a good Sunday. Sandy x