Monday, May 7, 2012

i shouldn't be trusted with power tools!

well we have thoroughly enjoyed another Public holiday up here in super sunshiny Brisbane. the weather has been absolutely stunning! i took the opportunity to drag these tables outside, and belt sanded and sealed them ready to be returned to the school i'm doing some painting for.
so i'm having lots of fun using my new sander, but then realise i'm sanding into the actual cord! whoopsie!!
oh the look i got from the husband!! he quickly got out some electrical tape and fixed her up! i so should not be trusted to use power tools!!
power tool fixed, and husband watching closely to make sure i sand the table and ONLY the table lol!
you can see the great repair job done with nice yellow tape haha.
the tables are finished and have already been tied into the trailer ready for delivery.
my shoulders and neck aren't real fans of the many hours i put into sanding and painting.
so i often end up here in a hot bubble bath :)
Kate x

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  1. Oh dear, my sister in law once killed her toasted sandwich maker by toasting the cord. A bath sounds like the perfect way to recover xx

  2. great tables & well done with the sander!

  3. great job, the yellow tape makes the sander look better anyway!

  4. Man that could have turned nasty. Tables look great but you might not have been here to help deliver them. Thank goodness for practical husbands.


  5. Whoops alright! Lucky too! Sanding can be a killer. Nothing better than a long lay in a beautiful scented bath. Perhaps some Rexona for those tired muscles. Thanks for sharing. Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. Yup, that could’ve turned out bad. It’s a good thing that your husband was there to help. Well, mistakes can’t be avoided when you’re learning something new. That holds especially true with power tools. What’s important is that you learn from that mistake and get better little by little. In time, you’ll be surprised of how good you’ve become. :)