Tuesday, May 22, 2012

goings on & a new family member

well hello there lovelies ;) i must apologise for the lack of posting lately. it's all happening here and i don't seem to have myself together of late! here is a pic of my pretty pink birthday roses- all dried out, but still so pretty.
my latest project. almost finished. will be back soon to show you the finished product.
and so we have a new little teeny tiny family member! little "Tilly" joined our family yesterday. a very belated birthday pressie for Kacey. she is totally in love!
the plan is to take a pic on the same day every month to see how much she has grown. here she is next to a matchbox, which we could have easily put her in! she's the cutest thing!
happy to be held
and very inquisitive!
i tried to get a pic of her running for the water, but she was in before i could snap!
next project- a huge old school desk. complete with ink wells and slate holders. it's going to be painted gloss red for my client! can't wait to see how it turns out.
i hope you are all having a good week.
Kate x
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