Friday, June 24, 2011

antique white trolley

the school holidays are finally here and we are all breathing
a sigh of relief! it's been a long and busy term, and the last few weeks
have been very cold. it's great to have a break from lunchboxes
and early starts.
here is another trolley i completed this week.
painted in Antique White USA.
a friend gave me the jug and matching bowl this morning.

this is the third trolley i have painted, and seeing i'm holding onto
the other 2, this one will definitely have to go!
i made these cute cushions out of some old pillowcases.
whipped them up in a matter of minutes.
kept the envelope opening, so only had to sew a straight line up the other end.
my kind of sewing :)
here she is all ready for a new home.

no painting happening today. too much housework to catch up on!
Kate x
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  1. Very cute! I love how the white paint transformed it into shabby cottage chic!


  2. Oh, this is so cute! I finished a similar project this week, too; it's so fun to see what you chose to do! Love those pillows on the bottom. Beautiful.

  3. Just about everything looks better white!!

  4. That is an amazing transformation, I can hardly believe its the same piece. It looks fantastic.