Sunday, June 26, 2011

treasures found today

perfect sunshiny weather here once again. we are so blessed to have
such stunning weather for most of the year.

i was so excited to come across this sweet timber birdcage. it was sitting in the lady's
van, so i thought it had already sold. turns out she just hadn't put it out yet!
pays to get to the markets early!!
i paid $10 for this one, but have seen similar for $60-$80.
another item i have been on the prowl for is a vintage school suitcase.
i had one in Primary School just like this only blue.
they sell for crazy prices on eBay, but i scored this one for $5.
perfect stacked with others, or pretty on it's own.
it was brown, but i've already painted it :)
this pair of mirrors were also taken straight outside and painted.
just the right size to be used as a jewelry tray to reflect all your bling!
they were a bit tricky to paint, as they mirror couldn't be removed from the frame.
nothing my trusty razor blade scraper couldn't fix!
2 lovely girls were selling off all their impulse buys.
this one (tags still attached $99.95 ouch!!) was $8.
i have also been after some white jeans, and got a pair of "Forever New" (fav brand) ones for $3.
not a mark on them. they're washed and on the line so i can wear them tomorrow!
a nice little outfit for $11 lol!

mirrors and suitcase before....
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  1. What lovely treasures you find kate! I adore the birdcage. The suitcase and mirrors came up a treat. Enjoy what's left of the weekend. :)

  2. Wow great finds and lovely paint jobs!

  3. Fabulous finds and I like what you've done with them.
    Have a great week
    Best Carolyn

  4. Ciao,mi รจ capitato il tuo blog,ci sono molte cose che amo anch'io,quindi divento tua follwer,ciao e buona domenica!Rosetta

  5. You found some really nice thrifty things and the changes you made & vignettes you created are very pretty!

  6. What a great find! It is a beautiful! Love the makeovers...lovely paint jobs!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. Sweet little suitcase. You found some great things.

  8. $10 for such a fine birdcage - you scored!

  9. Love the birdcage and the painted suitcase, real treasures for sure! Found you at A Strool Thur Life and I'm now a follower! Love to paint everything white too! Hope you stop by sometime:)


  10. I am addicted suitcases, they have just too many uses.

  11. I have a suitcase like this that I would LOVE to paint, but I have been afraid to.....could you tell me what kind of paint you used on it and how it holds up? It looks so sweet!!!


  12. OK - I definately need to set the alarm early. There is never anything beautiful like this at the Chandler markets when I stroll through at 9am. Lovely finds. Cheers Kylie

  13. Great finds!!

    love the frames and suitcase painted white.

    barbara jean