Saturday, June 11, 2011

flowers at home & Cath Kidston love

hi to you all!
after another crazy week, i'm finally able to sit and do a post!
we are onto our 2nd lot of visitors- or should i say visitor! My Aunty is over from America staying with us for 5 days. we haven't seen her for 3 years, so have had a great time catching up.

sadly she hasn't experienced Brisbane's usual warm and sunny weather. instead, it has been
absolutely freezing. On Thursday, the thermometer didn't get over 13*, and the sun didn't show at all! our coldest day here in 11 years!!

i received a package in the mail on Thursday from Dublin. My Mum
has caught the traveling bug and found a Cath Kidston store while shopping in Dublin!
she told me she would post a few things home.
I LOVE LOVE Cath Kidston, so was so excited!!

i got the cute birdy teatowel above,
this purse, keyring and luggage tag,
and 2 pearl buttoned cushion covers.
and i am in LOVE with it all!
i grab CK stuff whenever i can get my hands on it.
unfortunately, that's quite difficult here in Australia.
Most of my purchases have been through eBay.
a couple of days before all this heart stopping gorgeousness arrived in the mail,
i found this Cath Kidston
look alike bag in an op shop for $4!!! more LOVE... sigh...
you saw these roses a few posts ago.
they have been cut back and have gone from this...
to this!
and these pretty pink carnations @ $3.40 on clearance went from this...
to this

these roses were also $3.40. after a week in an old Fowlers jar,
i cut them back and
here they are again in a mercury glass container.
i find that if i cut back part of the stem that has sat in water, replace the water
and container, i get a little more life from them, and therefore
more time to enjoy them!
thankyou all for your lovely comments on my last post!
i'm glad you like my painted silver plated items.
i just used regular white Dulux paint (as always!) and gave them 3 coats each.
i'm sure they will scratch over time from use, but you could maybe try sealing them?
i don't mind a scratch here and there so haven't sealed mine.
good luck with your own!
Kate x

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  1. Just found your blog and we are definetly like minded souls.Am now happily following along..xx

  2. OOOOH your blog is amazing! happily following!
    So sweet and inspiring~~Love it

  3. I adore Cath Kidston! I wonder if it was the store in the Dundrum mall or the Kildare Village? I just moved from Dublin to Dubai and used to live across the street from the Cath Kidston store in Dundrum - my favourite spot to spend an afternoon :)

  4. Hi- love your blog - especially the transformations!