Tuesday, June 14, 2011

pink drawer dresser

i painted this dresser up on Sunday tucked up in our garage due to chilly wet weather.
a friend wanted to get rid of it so it ended up at my place.
i love the rounded top drawers and decided that painting the drawers pink
would help them stand out even more.
there's just something about soft pinks.
how gorgeous would this look in a little girls room.
i think it would also be perfect in a lolly shop too! the pink and white
reminds me of candy :)
i could just see it lined with glass jars that were filled with
candy hearts and musk sticks....
i dabbed a little white paint on the drawer handles for a soft
contrast against the drawers.

the sunshine is back so
i'm off to paint up a couple of cute trolleys i got my hands on recently!
Kate x
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  1. Oh what a little cutie! I recently obtained two dressing tables in a similar style that I have to paint for my girls, so it's great to see how well yours turned out...just gorgeous :)

  2. it's a lovely dressing table made even better by it's makeover. so pretty. have fun with your painting today.


  3. Absolutely beautiful - I've got a similar wee project coming up very soon! Hope it turns out as well as yours.

  4. Oh my, it's cotton candy sweet!
    I need a bigger house with one more room so I can have more painted furniture.....
    :*~:*~Love this:*~:


  5. I'm tickled pink over this sweet dresser!

  6. How sweet! Pink & white remind me of marshmallows. I'm sure this will make a lucky little girl very happy!