Sunday, June 5, 2011

cute desk

my lovely sis-in-law and i had great success at the markets this morning.
she's so thrilled with all her finds.
i was happy to find this little desk. didn't need painting, but i shabbied her up around the edges

and added some pink gingham ribbon pulls for a girly touch.
this boudoir stool i showed you a while ago seems to be the perfect match
i used a couple of "Holly Hobbie" style pictures from an old
calendar to line the drawer and cupboard

this italian candelabra was a find from last week.
it will be sure to get some white paint :)
although as is, it has a lovely worn patina
we have to say goodbye to our little Sydney family in the morning :(
we have all had such a blast together.
here's Josh enjoying some time by the pool.
such a little entertainer,
always so happy
and so busy!
next time we see him, he will have a little sister
enjoy your Sunday
Kate x
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  1. wow, Josh is looking so grown up and handsome with his shorter hair - i had only seen pics of him with the long sticking-up hair!

  2. Love the desk and chair, but best of all is Josh. Such a cutie. Hugs, Marty

  3. love this! the pulls make it, and those feet are great, too. it's like a mid mod shabby chic!